I offer in-person, and on-line therapy for individuals who need a soft place to land and address life issues.

Individual Therapy

A variety of things bring people for counselling:

  • Feeling unhappy, overwhelmed, funky/depressed,

  • Having anxiety.

  • Turmoil in personal relationships (family, friends, spouse, partners).

  • Insecurity and lacking confidence.

  • Feeling negative and self-critical.

  • Stuck in life/work.

  • Wanting to feel better and experience personal growth.

Benefits of Individual Therapy:

Identifying what underlies syptoms...

Often the ways we have learned to adapt, cope or the way we react to certain circumstances are no longer constructive and can become detrimental.

What the therapeutic relationship offers...

Therapy is an opportunity to experience a safe connection where you feel valued with no pressure. Therapy changes the brain, heals old wounds and enables people to feel different, more confident and secure in life.

What is gained through the process of therapy...

Frequently, people learn to listen to their inner voice, communicate calmly and feel more empowered to be their authentic self. Often people develop more self-compassion, self-acceptance, ability to express themselves, be authentic, set boundaries, and make healthier choices.

Practical tools help to decrease symptoms of depression and anxiety leaving people with more energy to engage in life, pursue passions, express themselves honestly, and improve relationships.

People frequently report that the tension and heaviness they have felt begins to lift and they feel lighter.  In time, healing at the core versus superficial quick fixes occurs, resulting in a reduction of self-defeating thoughts and behaviours. Frequently, people learn to listen to their inner voice, communicate calmly and feel more empowered to be their authentic self.

What I bring to the sessions...

My extensive clinical experience means I have a very good understanding of people, and what will help you heal. I have been trained in many treatment modalities that can be tailored to each person.

I integrate a number of therapeutic modalities that are evidence based, including EMDR, Somatic Experiencing, Dynamic psychotherapy, CBT and parts work. Together we will find the best approach for your unique personality and circumstances.

I provide homework assignments which are designed to help people deepen changes, overcome anxiety and improve well-being.

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Individual Therapy

In-person, video and
phone sessions available:


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